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Watch a video interview with Mary Kennedy, curator of the Iowa Great Lakes Maritime Museum


Take a narrated tour of the Hafer boats displayed at the Iowa Great Lakes Maritime Museum with avid Hafer collector and historian, Mark Jensen

Hear long-time resident Irving Jensen talk about meeting John Hafer and reminisce about early life on the Iowa Great Lakes


Watch as former Hafer employee Jerry Rosenberg talks about learning how to sand, paint and varnish Hafer boats under the supervision of Glenn Hafer in the 1960s


Hear Hafer historian Mark Jensen talk about Glenn Hafer and the search and discovery of various Hafer boats over the past few decades


Watch a short video of the launch and display of Steve McCune's 1948 Hafer Phantom 75 at the Keels & Wheels Concours d'Elegance at Lakewood Yacht Club, Seabrook, TX, May 3-5, 2019

More shots of Dee Dee's Hafer



Here are a few shots of the same boat when it was still in the Jensen family in Iowa:

Danny Holloway's 1957 Hafer Fireball 90:

The Hafer Crafts logo from 1955:

John Hafer, late in life.

The Francis Flyer:

The Hafer-built Red Devil, "The fastest boat ride on the lake"

Young Glenn Hafer racing:

John and Glenn Hafer working together on a boat that is now on display at the Iowa Great Lakes Maritime Museum:

The old Hafer Boat Works facility:

The Hafer shop in the 1960s:

Inez and Glenn Hafer in the Hafer showroom:

Hafers currently on display at the Iowa Great Lakes Maritime Museum:

Above, front to back, a Hafer rowboat, a post-war runabout, against the wall is an unfinished Hafer hull donated by Mark Jensen, then a small outboard, and finally, another post-war runabout.

Above, this gorgeous Hafer runabout belongs to Mark Jensen, and is on loan to the museum.

This 1937 Hafer outboard was ordered by Harold Sorenson, and donated to the Maritime Museum by his daughter, Audrey Sorenson Allen. This boat is featured in the Glenn Hafer bio section of this web site along with a photo of Glenn and father John Hafer building it.