Freshening up the 20' Holiday Donated to the WBA!

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Water Test a Complete Success! : March 2, 2017

Out in the Sunshine, Engine Running!: Feb. 24,2017

With varnish shining and chrome gleaming, the Holiday loves the sunshine!

Click on the image above to watch the video of the engine running!!

Handmade burgee pole and correct Chris-Craft burgee fitted by Robin McGeorge.

The varnished engine box and ceiling boards make for a very classy interior.

Restored horn button, steering wheel and polished instruments.

Front Seat Braced, Minor Seam Sealed: Feb. 1 8, 2017

Robin McGeorge mixes some thickened epoxy with mahogany stain to fill a minor seam between the port splash rail and the hull.

Bill Mott re-fastens the front seat brace while Seb Borrello and Phil Wolff make sure the aft through-hull is properly sealed.

Step Pads Rechromed, Engine Box Hinges: Feb. 17, 2017

Seb Borrello fastens one of the four rechromed step pads to the starboard gunwale.

Step pad frames were donated by Jim Frechette, rechromed by Jim Wolfe's source, and completed with inserts that were acquired and adapted by Robin McGeorge.

Engine box hinges are the slide-off type, allowing the box to be easily removed when in the up postion, but it's held firmly in place in the down position. Robin McGeorge idea.

Chrome Polished, Looking Great: Jan. 28, 2017

Seb Borrello braves the chill to polish the port air scoop with 000 then 0000 steel wool. No replating required!

Jim Donovan spiffs up the bow light with brilliant results!

The exhaust is copper with a chrome ring. Jim Donovan made it look like new!

Full Ivalite Function Restored: Dec. 31, 2016

Although we got the Ivalite to rotate the other day, we found out that the vertical movement, controlled by a push-pull action on the control knob, was inoperative. It turns out that the internal cam that causes this action was seized in the housing. In fact, it was jammed in there so tightly, that we had to tap it out with a hammer. To correct the situation, we ground down two sides of the cam piece so it would slide up and down easily. It worked!

Many Hands Make Light Work! Dec. 29, 2016

Robin McGeorge runs stern light wires through the fixture as Jim Donovan looks on. The guys got the stern light working just fine.

Seb Borrello reassembles some of the more intricate electrical components of the Ivalite searchlight before testing and refitting to the foredeck.

David Kanally, after spending some quality time under the deck doing rewiring, successfully tests the Ivalite.

Dressing up the ceiling boards: Dec.21, 2016

Jim Donovan, Robin McGeorge and Seb Borrello man their driver drills to remove about 300 screws, one at a time, placing finish washers under each one, to dress up the appearance of the ceiling boards of the Holiday. The spotlight on the foredeck quit working, so David Kanally has begun testing and repair.

The morning started off cold. Seb's hat would come off at about 11 a.m., though.

Jim Donovan handles the driver as Robin McGeorge lends a hand.

Before replacing the back seat, Robin McGeorge cleans the decking with some spirits.

Engine Runs, Horn Beeps: Dec. 17, 2016

Robin McGeorge makes the horn beep after David Kanally completes the wiring. Robin recreated the inner workings of the horn using only archival photos as a reference.

The Chris Craft "M" 130 flathead six starts right up and runs like a charm!

Idling right down to 500 rpm, she just purrs. Then she beeps!

Gas Tank, Wheel, Fuel Pump Refreshed: Nov.25,2016

Robin McGeorge has been busy sprucing up a few areas of the 1956 Holiday, and the pictures show just how nice the boat is!

Robin repainted the steering wheel to the original almond color. He's also working on the original horn button to get it back into working order...he may need to call on a member with electrical expertise for this job!

The engine is looking good with the freshly rebuilt fuel pump back on.

Here's a closer look at the nicely rebuilt and cleaned fuel pump. Robin ordered the specific kit for this carb, and replaced all the stiff and cracked parts. Fuel line will be reattached next.

This aft view of the Holiday shows just how nicely the boat has been finished. It arrived in this condition. Amazing!

Robin repainted the fuel tank compartment with fresh bilge paint.

The fuel tank looks brand new, too, after Robin cleaned it thoroughly and applied a coat of bilge paint.

Fuel Pump and Water Pump: Nov. 15, 2016

Robin McGeorge pulled the fuel pump today, and found that it is seized, and will need to be rebuilt. Kits are readily available. The water pump, happily, has a brass impeller, meaning no work will be required on it.

Robin also found out that it's easier to get into this position than to get out of it!

The fuel pump will soon have a new diaphragm and gaskets, and moving parts will be freed up to pump fuel easily.

Arrival and positioning: Early November

Robin McGeorge inspects the beautiful 20' Holiday recently donated to the WBA on November 3, 2016

The boat is in beautiful shape, with a recent new bottom, good varnish and a properly stored "M" flathead 6 Chris 130hp engine. The chrome needs to be re-plated, the steering wheel should be more almond in color, and the foredeck seams need to be freshened up. We'll also freshen the varnish and do assorted touchups.


One of the first orders of business was to drain the old, stale gas from the tank. Jim Donovan, Robin McGeorge and Jim Wolfe took care of that using the shop's manual fuel pump. (Click on image above for brief video).

Jim Wolfe has pulled the plugs and put a few drops of Mystery Oil in the cylinders before carefully turning the engine over manually, to avoid any damage to the cylinder walls after a couple years of storage. The motor turned easily, and later fired with the help of a fresh battery and some starter fluid.

On Friday, November 11, David Kanally and Jim Donovan re-positioned the boat into the Lucas Shop's large stall #1, swapping places with Chuck Barber's boat. Thanks, Chuck!!

Now in a stall plenty big enough for access during restoration, the boat awaits further work, and eventually sale to a WBA member. Could this be your boat? Stay tuned!!!