State Fair Photos 2003

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Membership Chairman Mark Webster sharing everything he knows about wooden boats with an interested fair-goer

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Could this picture have been staged any better? Skippers Mark Webster and Leroy Newkirk working the crowds

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A fine picture of Fine Wine- the Van Guilder's 1931 Dart

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"I'm no dummy" says Leroy Newkirk's boating companion..., "I never miss seeing the WBA at the state fair."

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Skipper-in-the-making Christopher Wolff works the table while Les Burton and Elizabeth Webster try to get in/out of the corral

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Projects Manager Robin McGeorge advising Skipper Phil Wolff that "the job isn't complete until the registration numbers go on."

1129.jpg (10365 bytes)

In true WBA fashion, Skipper Phil Wolff solicits a second opinion about McGeorge's advice

1130.jpg (10337 bytes)

Les Burton admiring the pretty bilge of David Kannally's 1957 Cowell

1131.jpg (9543 bytes)

WBA President Dick Peterson checking the I.D. of fair-goers wanting a closer look at his recently restored 1947 Gar Wood Ensign

1132.jpg (10299 bytes)

The WBA members doing what they do best!

mvc-621.jpg (10187 bytes)

Phil Wolff's 1959 Century Resorter (Will It Ever Be Done??)

mvc-622.jpg (10477 bytes)

Another Great Shot of Phil Wolff's Resorter

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Les Burton's 1957 Century Resorter check out Benny the Bear "Fishing on the dock"

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Another but still great shot of Les Burton's beautiful Century Resorter

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