Turning A Boat
Texas Style

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    Using the ingenious turn-over method worked out by Robin McGeorge and Frank Brown last year (written up in the Spring 1999 issue of the Antique Boat Club's Brass Bell publication) a WBA work crew turned the boat right side up on May 6 without incident -- and without a single scratch on the twelve coats of varnish.

On the lift and ready to turn.

Repairs made to the bottom and side of the Custom Sedan when the boat was up-side down on the trailer are complete. Owner Dick Peterson now stands at the stern, which is now being supported only by the lift. Note that the trailer has been removed.


Almost half way.

The Custom Sedan has been rolled nearly half way over. This is the point of maximum stress on the turn-over crew, because unless carefully monitored, the boat can go out of control.


Nearly done.

Robin McGeorge steadies the boat during its last few degrees of turning. In a few minutes, the trailer will be backed under the hull.

Right-side-up at last and back in the shop.

Note that not a scratch disfigures the varnish job we all worked to hard to produce.