"SOLD" 1961 21' Century Coronado - Project "SOLD"

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1961 Century Coronado with rare gull-wing hardtop. There were only 70 of these boats produced, and not all of them had this hardtop. The 1961 Coronado was considered one of the most outstanding boats of its era. Century incorporated unequaled luxury, a greater quantity and quality of chrome, smooth ride and, speed. Pound for pound, OR, horsepower for horsepower, Century had the competition beat! 
 This boat has all of it's hardware with the exception of half of the grill that goes across the top of the transom, the bur-gee pole and mount, and the latch for the motor box. The interior is all there except for the motor box, rear seat back, middle seat back, and a piece of trim that goes along the top of the interior on the left hand side.
  The wood on this boat is in better condition than most. However it is in need of a total restoration. At one time someone replaced the plank bottom with a plywood bottom and then fiber-glassed it.
  This Coronado comes with the highly desirable 240 h.p. 390 c.i.d. Ford interceptor engine. This is the lightest weight/highest h.p. motor offered that year. You could have ordered more h.p. in 1961 but it would have been a lot heaver motor. Another thing to consider is that parts are still available for this engine and if you really went wild, you could bolt in a 427 or 428 Ford using the same marine conversion hardware! However this engine would have to be rebuilt. It would appear as though it has water in one cylinder, it is missing the carburetor and there is a pin sheared off in the distributor, other than that it is all there.
 Parts and advice to help rebuild this boat is readily available via the Internet, and it would make a great father son project or investment!  Normally the survival rate on Coronado's is approx. 70% so there may be 50 or so left!  So here is your chance to own and preserve one, of a few, of the great boats that Century produced in 1961.

The trailer the boat is presently on is not included in the sale but another tandem axle trailer will be included for your transport needs.

To see the boat please give me a call or email for more information.

Priced at:  $3,500.00

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