Including an update from our boatbuilding fiends
October 2008

WBA Videos Now Online!

Thanks to the technology of the online video site, "You Tube", the WBA's activities can be captured and shared on video. Our technical team has been working hard, and now can bring you these clips through these links to You Tube: 

On Sunday morning, August 24, the WBA took to the waters of Lake Lewisville in a near picture-perfect run. click to view the footage.

At the September 18th WBA meeting, Jim Wolfe treated us to a demonstration of his newly rebuild Chrysler Marine Hemi. Hear it roar! Club Treasurer and all around good guy Phil Wolff has added these links to the WBA Website for your future convenience.

Hill Country Boat Show This Weekend!

Let's have a good showing at the Hill Country Boat Show to be held October 3-5 at the Lake LBJ Yacht Club. The Texas Hill Country provides the backdrop to this wonderful event which includes a Friday river cruise and poker run, a dinner party at the breathtaking lakeside Reichardt residence, the Saturday Show and Awards Banquet. More information, a brochure and registration form are available at The SW ACBS is a big supporter of the WBA, so let's return the favor by attending this important event.

Boats Needed for State Fair Display Oct. 13 

We still need a few more boats to complete our annual display at the State Fair of Texas on Monday, October 13. Contact Bob Van Guilder today for details and free State Fair Tickets and credentials.

Wolfe Hemi Presentation a Roaring Success!

In defiant contrast to the heavily corroded cylinder picture on the left, Jim's Hemi roared to life in his garage in a special presentation to the WBA on 9/18

The WBA hit the road following an abbreviated business meeting on September 18 to visit the home of Jim Wolfe. Jim has been restoring the Chrysler Hemi from his Century Coronado, and the Club got to hear it rumble to life. To a less courageous man, the engine would have appeared beyond repair. However, where there was rust and crud, Jim saw great potential. Jim now has the engine mounted on a rolling dolly, and handily rolled the 1100-pound monster to the edge of his open garage, where he woke up the neighborhood to the thunder of the beast's open exhaust. Four hundred classic American horsepower at their finest, Jim's hemi will eventually push his Coronado to better-than-new performance levels.

Updates from the WBA Shop in Lucas

Troy's Hacker Triple

Troy Marshall and Robin McGeorge continue their epic restoration of Troy's 1948 Hacker Triple. As of press time, the bottom is complete and painted, and the cutting and fitting of the side planks have begun. At left, Troy sands the bottom planks while Robin re-countersinks a fastener that was too close to the surface following fairing of the planks. Below left, the green bottom paint makes the new bottom gleam like an emerald. Not shiny enough for Robin, though, who vowed that yet another coat would go on before the boat is righted. Battens for the first two planks are installed, while old batten scraps hold the frames rigidly in place while the first side planks are fastened. Below right, Troy demonstrates a purpose-built router guide that will allow precise plank cutting, forming perfect joints. The guys are shooting for the professional standard, "you shouldn't be able to fit a razor blade between your planks." By the looks of the project so far, they'll hit the mark.

Jerry's Mercury

Jerry Foltyn's Mercury had a little shimmy and a little shake during her first time in the water, but following a changeout of a prop shaft, she's nearly ready for prime time. Jerry's been tweaking some minor problems with his shift lever and is wrestling with the finer points of his generator, but all in all, the long wait is over! Congrats, Jerry!

Lew White to Present Photos, Footage of Royal National Lifeboat Institution at October 16 Meeting

Known as the RNLI, the Royal National Lifeboat Institution is one of WBA member Lew White's favorite charitable organizations. Members of the venerable institution have been saving lives off the coast of the United Kingdom since 1824. Generations of men and women have served as rescue workers for the RNLI, and their stories create a compelling presentation. So don't miss Lew's discussion of this heroic institution from his homeland. Be there on October 16 at the Midway Point (meeting start time is 7 p.m.). Midway Point Restaurant is located on the southwest corner of Midway and LBJ 635.

Join us for a light meal and moderate libation prior to the meeting. We'll gather at Midway Point at 5:30 on October 16. See you there!

Please take a look in the shed or garage for the leftover parts or other saleable items you can donate to the club. Bring them to any WBA meeting, or contact David Kanally at for pickup.