Pre-meeting at Midway Point for food and drinks +/-5:30pm

The Bilge Pump

Volume 1 Issue 6 June 2004


Message >From The President

*** Rendezvous at Lake Ray Roberts ***

****** Friday Saturday Sunday  - June 25, 26, 27 ******

The meeting program has changed; it will be about Lake Ray Roberts and Lantana Lodge


!!!!!! Safety Alert !!!!!!

Richard Haug has suggested that you be extra careful due the recent rains, there WILL be lots of debris floating in the water, and obstacles that were easily visible are now just below the surface.

For Sale

1957 Chris Craft Cavalier - 15’ Gentleman’s Racer – Very nice VERY FAST and well maintained. 4.3L Chevy V6. Good Trailer. $10,000.00 Robin McGeorge 972-234-3749


Lantana at Lake Ray Roberts

For Reservation call: 940-686-0261 or 1-866-LANTANA

Rooms are $85/night + tax – Horseback riding is available $35/hour for a guided tour, reservations need to be made at least 1 day in advance. Bronze Buffalo Grill sample menu will be available at the meeting. Ramp fee at Jordan Park is $5.


Keel Hauled

No New News – Please call or email Lisa Daniels (972-294-0585 with information you feel the membership should know about concerning illnesses, deaths, births, or announcements.


WBA Events

June 17 WBA Meeting— Ray Roberts Rendezvous

July 15 WBA Meeting—Dave Kanally

July ? Dallas Summer Boat Show

Aug 14th Marina Day Lynn Creek Yacht Club @ Joe Pool Lake

Aug 19 WBA Meeting

Aug 27-29 WBA/SWC-ACBS 3rd Annual Ride and Show

Sept 16 WBA Meeting

Sept ? Cypress Springs Rendezvous

Oct 11 WBA at the State Fair of Texas—Columbus Day

Oct 21 WBA Meeting

Nov 18 WBA Meeting

NON-WBA Events

Aug 6-8 ACBS Boat Show at Clayton NY

Aug 7-9 Lake Tahoe Boat Show

Sept 9-12 Grand Lake

Oct 8-10—Chris Craft Drive-In Lakewood Yacht Club and the Southwest ACBS Chapter

Oct 22-24—Austin Wooden Boat Show @ Lake Travis


If you want to host an event, help with an event, start a caravan to an event, or anything associated with an event, contact: Les Burton—940-321-4885 Activities Director