The Bilge Pump
Volume 2 Issue 3 April 2005
Message from the President
Our next meeting will be Thursday, April 21st at 7:30 p.m. Directions to our meeting location can be found on the website
Two great upcoming events that everyone should be aware of and plan on, if at all possible, are Keels & Wheels, and the North Texas Classic Car and Boat Show at Lake Grapevine. Specific dates and contacts are listed below. As for Keels & Wheels, I would encourage everyone that will be attending to be sure to sign up for the Saturday Evening Banquet which will take place at the NASA facilities in Clear Lake City. This is great! And for the North Texas Classic Car and Boat Event at Lake Grapevine, the WBA is co-sponsoring this event and we should expect everyone – with or without a boat - to participate. Rumor has it that the North Texas Amphicar Club will be participating, as well. So send in your reservations for the barbecue now!  (response form attached).

I look forward to seeing everyone at the April meeting.

Upcoming WBA Meeting Dates & Presentations
Thursday April 21st         "The Future of Army Transportation HSV-1(High Speed Vessel)". Mark Kelsey

Thursday May 19th             "Pictures from Paradise – A Review of the Hot Springs Boat Show at Garvan Gardens." Les Burton
Thursday June 16th             "Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Alternators and Generators, But Was Afraid to Ask." Stan Lehnhardt

Upcoming Boating Events

April 30-May 1                     10th Annual Keels & Wheels Concours d’ Elegance
                                           Seabrook, TX 
                                           Sponsored by the ACBS Southwest Chapter
                                           Contact Nancy @

Saturday May 21st                 North Texas Classic Car and Boat Event
                                            Silver Lake Marina @ Lake Grapevine
                                            Joint Event Sponsored by the CCCA & WBA
                                            Contact David Kanally @
Saturday June 4th                 17th Annual Boat Show
                                            Eagle Mountain Classic Boat Club
                                            Contact Kathy Snook @

Pre-Meeting Gathering
                                                    For a light meal, libation, and tall tales, join us Thursday @ 5:30 p.m. at

The Midway Point
12801 Midway Rd., 75244
(SWC Midway & LBJ)