The  Bilge Pump
Volume 2 Issue 1 February 2005
Message from the President

Hopefully, everybody's New Year has started out swimmingly (no pun intended).  I know this to be the case for those who attended the Annual Banquet & Meeting on January 22nd.  A great time was had by all - for proof, just check the photos on the website (   If you have additional photos you'd like to post, contact our Webmaster - Richard Wolff.  His email address can be found on the website.
Here's your chance to make good on your New Year's resolution (i.e. to become more involved with the WBA.)  Attend the February 17th Meeting!  David Kanally has prepared a multi-media extravaganza titled "Wooden Boats, Iron Men - The Story of the Restoration of PT 658".  We'll actually have live audio feed from Portland, Oregon to hear directly from the team that restored this 78-foot, Higgins-made PT boat.  This was a 10-year project that returned the boat to its original operating condition.   This exciting presentation will start promptly at 7:30 p.m., so you don't want to be late!
For a map to our meeting location, follow these instructions:
    -    Go to Website
    -    Click on "2005 Calendar"
    -    Select "February 17"
    -    Select "Click Here for Map"
After David's presentation we'll focus the meeting on planning our 2005 activities.  So, bring your calendars and ideas!
Pre-Meeting Gathering

For a light meal, libation, and tall tales, join us @ 5:30 p.m. at
The Midway Point
12801 Midway Rd., 75244
(SWC Midway & LBJ)

Upcoming Meeting Dates & Presentations
Thursday February 17th     "Wooden Boats, Iron Men  - The Story of the Restoration of PT 658".      David Kanally
Thursday March 17th  "Antique Boat Museum and a Little More".      Seb Borrello
Thursday April 21st  "The Future of Army Transportation HSV-1  (High Speed Vessel)".   Mark Kelsey

Back in the Saddle

Our Signalman - Lisa Daniels - reports that Skipper Bob Cutler is recuperating nicely from his back surgery.  Bob is closely watching the calendar for the upcoming day when he is, again, cleared for takeoff!
 Please call or email Lisa @ (972) 294-0585, with any information to share.
Boats for Sale

Check out the website for updates on boats and engines for sale by our members.  You, too, can advertise on our site.  Simply contact the Webmaster -Richard Wolff - for specifics on listing information.
"Just Do Something"

We're looking for volunteers to make presentations and to provide refreshments at our upcoming meetings.  Should you be willing, call or email Mark Webster  @ (214) 403-1851,